Advantages of Ethanol Extraction

Advantages of Ethanol Extraction

The cannabis extraction process that manufacturers use can make a big difference in production efficiency and final product quality. Compared to other methods, ethanol extraction is a highly advantageous process due to the following:

  • Affordable equipment and replacement components. 

Ethanol extraction systems are often less expensive than their CO2 counterparts with similar capacities because they function at lower pressures. Maintenance is also simpler because it is easy to find affordable replacement components should a part fail. 

  • Reduced energy consumption. 

Ethanol extraction systems are less power-intensive, extracting a larger amount of product in less time than other solvent extraction processes for significant power savings.

  • Rapid extractions.

Ethanol efficiently draws unwanted materials directly out of the biomass, which is a benefit over CO2 and other solvents. Therefore, when extraction requires winterization, the use of ethanol facilitates the process. This makes ethanol extraction ideal for distillate products.

  • Scalability. 

Ethanol extraction systems are easy to scale for increasing the desired production volume. However, because ethanol is a flammable substance, be aware of national stipulations that limit the amount of flammable liquid materials allowed in any one facility. While the cannabis industry doesn’t currently have many commonly accepted standards, there are some local and national regulations based on a facility and its operating procedures, including fire codes, flammable liquid restrictions, and food-grade processing standards.

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