Your One-Stop Solution Provider of Stainless-Steel Equipment


With modernized CNC, laser welding machines and advance management, we are able to provide you with high end, most delicate and durable equipment. We have over 20 years of experiences in this industry, are fully capable of providing customized solutions to meet your requirements.


All pressurized equipment will follow protocols of ASME and will have ASME seals on them. With full sets of qualification documents to help you qualify your plant according to GMP or FDA.


Not only manufacturing, we also provide installation services overseas. Years of installation experiences make us a reliable and trust-worthy partner to work with. On-site training service also will be provided to make sure you plant works at the best conditions.



Systems come with modular design. We always consider how our client may expand their systems at the lowest cost, thus the modular systems will give you unlimited potential of scalability. Also, modular system will be easy to fit into different sizes of facility.


Data Security

We professional dealing with sensitive client data lead to the development of highest internal standards regarding safekeeping and handling of project and client data.


With efficient production management and cost control, we are able to provide quality equipment at the most reasonable costs. No middleman in between you and us, directly sell to end clients from our factory.

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