Elementor Single Product #616

Manufacturing Technicals of GMP Equipment

  • All vessel shall be airtight, avoiding dead-leg, easy to clean, maximum reduce environment contamination and residues of last batch. Mechanical seal shall be applied for agitator. Lid shall be applied for the equipment which will be assembled/dismounted frequently to avoid operate exposed.
  • Pipes connection shall be considered for CIP washing. Clamps/flanges shall be as near as possible to the vessel body. DN of the connections shall not be too small.
  • Vessel head with manhole shall be preferred to weld with vessel cylinder, sealing elements of manhole shall be easy to clean. If the diameter of vessel is too small for manhole, flange-connection between head and cylinder shall be considered, but the sealing element of flanges shall be even with vessel internal surface.
  • Baffles, shaft support and/or coupling inside the vessel is not preferred as first choice. Eccentric agitation system shall be applied for better blending result.
  • Dry or water-lubricating mechanical seal for upper agitator is preferred. Food grade oil shall be applied for gearbox if inevitable.
  • All material contacts surface shall be mirror polished, Ra≤0.4um, external surface shall be matte finishing with Ra≤0.8um, also mirror polishing is available for particular circumstance.
  • All seal elements contact with products shall be food grade. Including but not limited to flanges seal for head-cylinder, manhole/handhole seal, pipeline flanges/clamps seal and valves disks.
  • Pressure equipment must be qualified by national standards and/or international standard (PED direct 97/23/EC or ASME). Certain welding license shall be carried by welders.
  • All manufacture process shall have complete documentation on process records, material purchasing records, warehousing I/O records.
  • Liquid level while mixing shall not be over head flange to avoid fouling. Multi-liquid-level mixing situation shall be considered.

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