Jacketed Glass Reaction Tank

This reaction tank comes with a unique lifting mechanism for moving upwards, downwards and even rotating for easy cleaning and dumping.

Jacketed Glass Reaction Tank

Product Features

Jacketed Glass Reaction Tank has a stirring system, condensation, drip addition, reflux, and collection system. The inner layer is equipped with motor and stirrer for stirring reactions, the jacket is circulated through a cold and/or heat source to provide high-temperature reactions (up to 300 ℃) or low-temperature reactions (up to -80 ℃).

The elevation mechanism of Jacketed Glass Reaction Tank to be able to move the tank up, down, and tilting, convenient for dumping and cleaning.

Vacuum also can be applied if required (we will provide the water-ring vacuum pump). The solvent vapor is cooled in the glass condensation coil (cooling device needs to be connected) and becoming liquid condensate for  re-fluxing into the reactor or be recovered through the valve at the lower part of the receiving bow.

After the reaction is completed, the material can be discharged from the side discharge port at the bottom of the pot. It is an ideal experimental pilot equipment for modern bio-pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and new material synthesis.


Features of Jacketed Glass Reaction Tank 

  1. Jacketed Glass Reaction Tank comes with a square steel spray coating and 304 stainless steel frame structure, compact, sturdy, non-conformable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to move.
  2. The parts in contact with the materials are all made of high borosilicate glass (with a coefficient of expansion of 3.3) and polytetrafluoroethylene materials, which have stable performance and are not easy to react with the materials.
  3. The VFD allows you to operate at high and low speeds in practice, with ideal accuracy and ease. It can be equipped with a fully explosion-proof system, dual display explosion-proof box digital display of speed and material temperature inside the kettle, stable performance, clear display of control and data plane, simple and easy to operate.
  4. The mixing system adopts ceramic bearings and mechanical seals to prevent wear and debris from the mixing rod. It is resistant to high temperature, wear-resistant, and has a good sealing effect.
  5. Adopting PT100 temperature sensor and glass thermometer sleeve.
  6. The kettle body can be lifted up and down, either electrically or manually with a hand-wheel. The kettle body can rotate 360 degrees for easy discharge and cleaning. The kettle cover can be customized with PTFE.
  7. The vacuum pressure gauge displays real-time vacuum and the pointer displays.
  8. Crescent type stirring blade, 304 stainless steel+PTFE stirring blade; The material of the mixing rod is 304 stainless steel. Outsourced PTFE pipes have high strength and strong corrosion resistance.
  9. Glass+PTFE discharge valve, no liquid accumulation side discharge, very fast solution recovery.
  10. There is a Fuma wheel with brakes at the bottom of the machine, which can move as a whole and is easy to operate.
  11. The circulation inlet and outlet of the kettle body are equipped with buffering devices, and the pipeline is made of stainless-steel hoses, covered with foam silicone for insulation. After fixing the pipe bracket, it is connected to external equipment to reduce the pressure at the inlet and outlet, avoiding the situation where the kettle body is fragile when moving or replacing the connecting equipment in the later stage.

jacketed glass reaction tank


PureyMech’s products are proudly certified by

Elementor Single Product #616
Elementor Single Product #616
Elementor Single Product #616
Elementor Single Product #616
Elementor Single Product #616

designed and manufactured according to

Elementor Single Product #616
Elementor Single Product #616

Frequently Asked Questions

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Sanitary grade of SUS304/SUS316L Stainless Steel Vendor: Shanghai Bao Steel Group Corporation or equivalent supplier.

In order to keep the raw materials organized and make sure proper material will be used, we insist asking the material vendor to provide original material test report. Also, we will do in-coming tests to ensure the material is qualified:

  • Metal spectrum analyzer
  • Thickness gauge
  • Roughness detector

All designing, manufacturing and inspection processes are performed according to GB150-1998. ISO9001 Quality Management System Standard will also be applied throughout the entire manufacture process.

Yes, with our certified workshop and excellent welding technics, we can provide you with high quality ASME or PED pressurized equipment.

As multiple tests and inspections are required, lead time of such equipment is longer than normal pressure equipment, it usually takes 18 to 20 weeks to finish.

Plasma welding machine imported from Germany will be used for tank longitude and girth welding and fillet welding to make sure the welding seam smooth and even.

Also, GTAW welding technology will be applied, inert gas concentration is 99.999%. Different welding wire ER316L or ER308 will be applied for different material of SS plate.

For particular circumstances, electric-arc welding will be applied. Welding material used for:

S304-S304: A102; S316L-S316L: A022; Different SS: A302.

Welding seam between jacket and vessel shall be NDT inspected according to JB4730-94 to ensure the impermeability and long service life.

For single tank, it takes around 3-5 weeks to deliver.

For integrated systems, it normally takes 18 to 20 weeks to deliver.

ASME/PED certified equipment will take 18 to 20 weeks

You are welcome to contact us for details if any needs.

Yes, customization order is acceptable.

You may send over the requirements, we will realize your design and provide you with the most cost-efficiency solutions.

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For single tank, it takes around 3-5 weeks to deliver.

For integrated systems, it normally takes 18 to 20 weeks to deliver.

ASME/PED certified equipment will take 18 to 20 weeks.

You are welcome to contact us for details if any needs.

Plastic wrap film should be applied around the entire equipment.

Electrical parts should be disassembled and packed in crates if possible, otherwise it should be fully protected from water or any kind of potential damage in shipping.

Tank will be put down and sitting on a CS frame support, steel wire will be used for fasten tank to support. Rubber should be applied to where steel wire is touching the equipment.

When fixing the equipment in container, multiple fixing belts and/or steel wires should be used to make sure no movement of equipment.

should be used to make sure no movement of equipment

Yes, we will.

Equipment will be thoroughly washed before packing. Water used for washing should not have chloridion content more than 25mg/L to avoid damage of stainless-steel surface. Water stains must be cleaned once washing is finished.

Normally we will ship the equipment by sea due to the weight of it.

Air shipping is also an option, but it will cost more.

It depends on your choice.

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Yes, we do. On-site installation service is available with charges.

Engineers and installation workers will be dispatched to your site to finish installation.

Service provided against charges, please contact us for more details.

Yes, we do.

Engineers will be dispatched to your site to conduct commissioning.

Training service is also available.

Service provided against charges, please contact us for more details.

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One year of warranty provided.

Replacement will be provided freely if the failure is NOT artificial.

Shipping cost of free replacement will be born by us.

Yes, we do.

Wi-fi connections are installed in your system's control box, our engineers is able to debug the system online.

You can also contact our sales representatives for online support as well.

Did we miss your question? Drop us a line and we will
get back within 24 hours.

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